Conversations on Death

Technologies of the Human Corpse

July 13, 2021
Conversations on Death
Technologies of the Human Corpse
Show Notes

Dr. John Troyer is the Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. The Centre for Death & Society is the UK's only centre devoted to the study and research of social aspects of death, dying and bereavement. It provides a centre for the social study of death, dying and bereavement and acts as a catalyst and facilitator for research, education and training, policy development, media, and community awareness. He is a co-founder of the Death Reference Desk website, the Future Cemetery Project, and a frequent commentator for the BBC. His most recent book Technologies of the Human Corpse was published by The MIT Press in May 2020. 

We talked about the taboo of death, death movements in the 70s, embalming, cremation, technology & death, Facebook becoming the world’s biggest digital cemetery, the Black Mirror episode ‘Be Right Back’ and its implications, plastination, COVID, and the list goes on and on… such a fun and entertaining episode! Enjoy! 


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