Conversations on Death

Afterlife Research

June 15, 2021
Conversations on Death
Afterlife Research
Show Notes

Piero Calvi-Parisetti is a medical doctor, a long-time university
lecturer, and a member of the Society for Psychical Research and the International
Association for Near-Death Studies. His particular area of interest is applied
psychical research, that is the practical application of research findings, in
particular for the benefit of the bereaved and the dying. He has written four
books on these subjects, his latest being Step into the Light: Transform Your Fear of Death by Learning About Life After Life.

We discussed some of the evidence he has found of the afterlife: near-death experiences (NDEs), psychic communication, deathbed visions, reincarnation - and how gathering all this research has led him to rule out skeptics' explanations to conclude that there's indeed, undoubtedly, an afterlife. 


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